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2018 月津港燈節|相約

2018 Yuejin Lantern Festival|Once a year, let's meet in Yanshui.



Once a year, let's meet in Yanshui.

The Yuejin Lantern Festival 2018 hosted by the Cultural Bureau of Tainan City Government and curated and executed by Urban Art Studio, features the beauty of light integrated with the local scenery and turns into land art that creates a unique artistic ambience. With the theme of " Rendezvous ", the Lantern Festival 2018 will invite contemporary artists to participate in the exhibition, new technology and new media professionals from home and abroad included. The Festival 2018 combines local culture with scenery of Yanshui by the form of installation artworks of light and makes an appointment with citizens by art in a romantic way.


exhibition info:



展期: 2018 / 02 / 10 – 03 / 04
開幕: 2018 / 02 / 10  7:00 PM
地點: 台南市鹽水區月津港親水公園 
交通資訊: 新營火車站下車 轉 棕幹線巴士到鹽水站

Exhibition information

Duration:2018/02/10 - 03/04
Opening Event:2018 / 02 / 10 7:00 PM
Location:Yuejin Yanshui Tainan
From the Xiaying Train Station transfer the Brown Line Bus to Yanshui Stop

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光的織遇|陳冠宏 x 陳思涵


Light is a symbol of imagination. Knitting Light is designed to weave threads of light and let them dance on the twisting bridge where the shuttling visitors encounter the dancing light. The artists used bendable light strips to create rhythmically flowing illuminations on both sides of the bridge, thereby immersing the visitors in the field comprising lines and planes of light. When the visitors gaze into the twisting bridge at a distance in the twilight, they will come across the radiance of the fantastic light-scape and become enchanted by the romantic, mesmeric visual effect of this work.


In our perceivable space, myriads of border-crossing actions have been taken in a creeping and constant manner. The team created Unrelated, a translucent visual installation, with bamboo, timber, iron, steel wire and LED lights, and then installed it on the surface of the water. The vertical bamboo slices interweave the real and the virtual in this space and produce a riveting intersection of shadow and light in the night breeze. As far as the team is concerned, life per se is essentially featured by a concatenation of encounters, seemingly unintentional yet in fact causally related. Those seemingly unrelated happenings could be the results of predestined appointments.



Moonlight Fruits are cultivated collectively by moonlight and the mist over the Yuejin Harbor. At the harvest season, the blue and green fruits ripen in clusters, coated with glassy surfaces and emitting fluorescent light during the night. They lay strewn along the waterfront of the Yuejin Harbor, bending in the wind and drifting with water. YiYe Design placed several lighting installations different in shape and color. Their peculiar, thought-provoking shapes glow in the dim light of night, making themselves nothing short of fruits from other planets. The artist’s fertile imagination harmoniously blended with the breathtaking scenery of the Yuejin Harbor, giving the visitors a new-found sense of space.



Drawing on the concepts of environmental protection and sustainability, Xiao-Meng Su, an artist who has long dedicated to metalwork, made clever use of intertwined plastic tubes and light to create Light Cloud, a cloud- or flower-like white installation floating on the surface of the water. Its reflection appears on the calm waters near the twisting bridge. Such an unrealistic rosy view allows the visitors, be they old friends who made appointments to meet here or new acquaintances who have chance encounters, to take in this romantic, gorgeous scenery from an elevated position and ergo to gain a strong visual impression as to the charm of this work.




As far as the artist is concerned, “tenon and mortise,” a commonly seen small device, represents a state of complementation. It also applies to interpersonal relationships. In other words, the most appropriate way of interaction is not so much shaped and constructed by external forces as developed through communication. Each person is an independent individual, a part of interpersonal relationships. Once people are connected, however, they will collectively form a vast, intricate network and put together a social jigsaw puzzle having richly diverse pieces. At the time when the visitors are cherishing their respective uniqueness, the geometric shape of Tenon & Mortise calls their attention to active engagement with others and the environment, through which they can find more delightful and brilliant insights.








「塩水で会う - 京都との出逢い」




由都市藝術工作室帶領來自鹽水及新營地區,共400位的學童們進行的彩繪燈籠工作坊,活動終於圓滿結束啦! 很開心能夠看到不同年級的小朋友發揮創意,盡情的揮灑拼貼,為即將佈置在老街區的燈籠作品增添許多的亮點,到時候一定又會為今年的『月津港燈節』帶來另一波的高潮~